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A Letter To My Younger Self

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Hello to my Younger Self,

There's no way around this but you're about to be 30 years old in 30 days

Did I use my time for good or did use my time in waste?

Spent most of my days in a familiar town

Of course you had your ups and you had your downs

You learned how to be a good a son, a brother and a friend

You made people laugh so please know this is not the end

You thought you fell in love but that's something you have not learned yet

She's out there so be patient because we both know it'll be worth it

You'll learn to trust your conscience and your heart

It'll take you across the world, I suggest you get a head start

Cheers to your twenties you damn fool

If I could teach you anything, remember these rules

Read books as if it was the same as breathing

Sounds boring now but you'll learn it'll be much pleasing

Just be your self and don't forget to do it with a smile

You'll create art that people will enjoy with your certain style

Take a deep breath, slow down and enjoy the day

Because if you don't, those special moments wont come your way

The universe enlighten you with Law of Attraction

Use this as a tool to bring fourth your satisfactions

So let's have a toast for my younger years

Even to the bad times, the broken bones and to all the tears

Heartaches and anxiety will lead you to fall on your knees

But you'll get up stronger, grow a mustache, and move to Queens

You'll be happy I promise, I would know

As I write this with a smile it's ok to get old

Cheers, Hope I made you proud...


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