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'They say as you get older you start to appreciate the little things."

Well it so happens one of those little things is my mother.

I appreciate my mom for who she is; Patient, Nurturing, and Supportive.

Sometimes I ask myself "How did I get so lucky to have a mom like that?".

It's comforting to know that someone can love you that much.

I needed to get her the perfect birthday card. This is what I found:

"Hope you know how much you're loved, how very much you mean, not only on your birthday but all days between."

She DESERVES to know how much she is loved EVERYDAY and sometimes I don't know how to express that to her. This card does it for me (with some cash) hehe.

As I become more "mature" I start to realize how much my mom sacrificed for her family. Working multiple jobs just to have food on the table for her 3 kids.

Now, it feels good that I can treat her with her favorite breakfast food, Pancakes.

"A toast to a saint, my mother"

I can't help to imagine my mom as a Saint. So pure and full of love for her family.

I know what Love is now because of her.

I love you and Happy Birthday!



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