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Observer of Life: Moving To Asotria_11.11.21_8:39pm

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

It's been almost 3 months since I moved to Asotria, Queens. Why did I move away from the suburbs of Long Island? Could it be the left over cabin fever from the pandemic or maybe it's because I'm almost 30 living in his parents house (but thats normal in todays society, right?).

As I'm writing this I'm still trying to answer my own question.

"...felt good to know I had some control in my life."

I find the moment above as a turning point or a new chapter in my life. It was the day I moved into my new apartment. Ironically, the night before New York City was overwhelmed by a flash flood. Was it a representation of what's to come, are my futures drowned with negativity or was it a positive omen of cleansing of my past?

Only time will tell.

MomentToMySelf: It's a representation of relief.

A relief from what? My anxiety, social pressures, or just the number 30?

Last year, things were a bit overwhelming with COVID and social justice issues. On top of that relationships tethered from my own wrong doing. My expectations did not fit the reality I wanted to build. I did not love myself enough to love others and their success. I was lost and uninspired from what life had to offer. I was comfortable being average, I needed change (or get a tattoo).

In my early 20's I always pictured myself living in New York City and to finally fulfill that dream was a relief (it only took about 6 years but who's counting?). Laying down on my covered mattress was meaningful to me because that moment I knew I was out of my depression. I knew I did the right thing and it felt good to know I had some control in my life.

The idea to move to NYC was planted in my head while visiting a friend in Brooklyn, NY.

"We should move to the city one day."

Something that I consider unique about myself is that I can tell when small moments/situations I share with my friends/family will influence my future. This explains the photo above. I knew this moment was special because I felt no doubt that my dream to live in the city would come true one day.

I take photos like these to use as leverage. Proof to myself that the universe is listening and I'm the one who's telling the story. I'd like to explain this more in depth in another post but the point is that I like to take photos of special moments.

Why was it important for me to move to New York City (Astoria)?

Well you know the saying, "If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere; it’s up to you, New York"-Frank Sinatra. It's the business capital of the world. It's diverse. New York City can make you feel uncomfortable and loved at the same time (maybe I just like the lights?)


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